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Cancer Xenograft Models

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Medicilon has over 100 well-characterized Tumor Cell Line Xenograft models.  Our experienced staffs operate with strong theoretical basis.  We offer the services which are flexible for custom development of various types of models to meet the requirements of our clients.

Xenograft Models

Tumor Xenograft Models

Cancer Type Cell lines
Head and Neck KB, FaDu
Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Stem Cell
S18, S26
Lung Cancer DMS114, NCI-H69, NCl-H146, NCl-H209, NCI-H446, NCI-H526, NCI-H1688, 95-D, A549, Calu-1, Calu-3, Calu-6, HCC827, NCI-H226, NCI-H292, NCI-H358, NCI-H441, NCI-H460, NCI-H520, NCI-H522, NCI-H1299, NCI-H1437, NCI-H1650, NCI-H1975, NCI-H1993, NCI-H2009, NCI-H2122, NCI-H2126, NCI-H2228, PC-10, QG-56, LLC1, KLN205 
Breast Cancer SUM159, MDA-MB-231, MDA-MB-468, Bcap-37, 2LMP, ZR-75-1, ZR-75-30, 4T1, EMT6
Gastric Cancer

MKN-45, NCI-N87, BGC-823, HGC-27, MKN-28, NUGC-3, SCH, SGC-7901, SNU-5, SNU-16, MGC-803

Pancreatic Cancer AsPC-1,BxPC-3, Capan-1, Capan-2, CFPAC-1, HPAF-II,  MIAPaCa-2,  PANC-1
Renal Cancer ACHN, OS-RC-2, 786-O, RENCA
Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Bel-7402, Hep-3B, Huh-7, PLC/PRF/5, QGY-7703, SK-HEP-1, SMMC-7721, HepG-2

Glioblastoma U87-MG
Colon and Cecum Cancer CT-26, MC38, COLO 201, COLO 205, COLO 320 DM, CW-2, DLD-1, HCT-8, HCT-15, HCT-116, HCT116 P53 K0(-/-), HT-29, LoVo, LS1034, LS174T, LS411N, NCI-H716, RKO , SW48, SW620
Prostate Cancer 22Rv1, CL-1, DU145, LNCap Clone FGC, PC-3
Urinary Bladder HT-1197, HT-1376, RT4, SCaBER, SW780, T24
Ovary Cancer ES-2, HO-8910PM, PA-1, SK-OV-3, OVCAR-3
Endometrium/Hysterocarcinoma AN3 CA, HEC-1-A, ME-180, MFE-280
Skin Cancer Cell A431
Melanoma A375, B16, A2058, C32, HMCB, SK-MEL-30, MDA-MB-435s
Osteosarcoma Cell MG-63, SJSA-1
Sarcoma S-180
Muscle, Striated SJCRH30
Myeloma KMS-11, KMS-26, RPMI-8226
Leukemia / Lymphoma U937, THP-1, MV-4-11, HEL, TF-1a, ML-2, HL-60, L1210, K562, KARPAS-299, Daudi, Raji, Ramos, ARH-77, KMS-12-BM, KG-1, WEHI-3, A20, EL4 

Tumor Cell Line Xenograft models is valuable for predicting cytotoxicity of cancer drugs and widely used in efficacy studies for its simplicity and easy access to tumor measurement. Medicilon currently offers a large range of  Xenograft models derived from human cancer cell lines.

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