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Medicilon held the inauguration of academician expert workstation

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“Shanghai Medicilon Academician Workstation Inauguration Ceremony and Collaboration and Innovation of New Drug Development Forum” was held at Shanghai Parkyard Hotel on Aug 27, 2014.  The Inauguration Ceremony was hosted by Shanghai Medicilon Inc. and Pudong Activities Center for Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, with the support of Shanghai Association for Science & Technology, Shanghai Pudong Science & Technology Commission and Shanghai Pudong Science & Technology Association.

2014 is the Medicilon 10th anniversary, which is a milestone for an enterprise. With the rapidly development of CRO industry in this 10 years,Medicilon had a great and the rapid growth in China.  Combined with the inauguration ceremony and the forum, Medicilon invited over 200 pharmaceutical experts including the experts from Fosun Pharma, Yangtze River, Jiang Su Heng Rui Medicine, Simcere, Novartis China, Sanofi, JiangSu Aosaikang Pharmaceuticals, Shanghai Pharma and Roche China to join the new drug discussion with the three academicians.

The inauguration ceremony was hosted by the CEO of Medicilon, Dr. Chunlin Chen; the deputy director of Shanghai Pudong Science & Technology Commission, Wei Liu; the Vice Chairman of Shanghai Association for Science & Technology, Hongmin Li and the director of Shanghai Pudong Science & Technology Association, Shiqing Tang.  Dr. Chunlin Chen, CEO of Medicilon, issued the letter of appointment to the academicians, Dr. Junying Yuan, Dr. Liming Shao and Dr. Chang Yu.

In addition, the deputy secretary of Shanghai Pudong Science & Technology Commission, Haitao Ding; the Innovation Services Minister of Shanghai Association for Science & Technology, Wei Zhang; the director of Shanghai Association for Science & Technology, Fengxiang Gong and the Vice President of Shanghai Pudong Bio Industry Association, Lanzhong Wang also attended the ceremony and forum.

The forum was divided into three parts: academic report, guests topic discussion and 1 on 1 matching.

Dr. Junying Yuan was the first discoverer of the apoptotic gene and became the world famous scientist in researching molecular mechanism of apoptosis.  Dr. Yuan shared her over-40-years research experience to participants on unlocking the secret of cell death.  Dr. Ying Shao, Assistant Director and Chief R&D Officer of Fosun Group, shared his experience on drug development and opportunity of pharmaceutical industry in China.  By understanding the policy, we can easily to find out the opportunities of the mutual cooperation.  Dr. Liming Shao, the professor of Fudan University at College of Pharmacy and Doctoral Tutor, gave a speech with the topic, “Rethinking the Role of Phenotypic Screening in Drug Discovery”.

During the panel discussion, Dr. Chunlin Chen and 7 guests from difference areas of R&D shared the success and failure during the research with the audiences.  In addition, they further discussed the model of collaboration between CRO and the pharmaceutical companies.

This successfully held forum was just the beginning.  In response to the globalization that brings both the opportunity and challenge to the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, Chinese CROs and pharmaceutical companies should shorten the distance between each other.  Both CROs and pharmaceutical companies should increase the communication and discussion in all levels.  They should also adjust the development strategies and development path.

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