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Target Identification and Validation in Drug Discovery

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target identification and validation

Application Background

One of the most important steps in developing a new drug is target identification and validation.  Target-based drug discovery has become the prevailing paradigm used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. This approach is appealing because it holds the promise of identifying more efficacious compounds with fewer undesirable side effects. Good target identification and validation enables increased confidence in the relationship between target and disease and allows the exploration of whether target modulation will lead to mechanism-based side effects.

Drug Target Identification

Drug Target Identification is a first step for improving efficacy, tracing and avoiding side-effects as well as understanding the mode-of-actions of drug candidates. 

Drug Target Validation

The different between Target Validation:

Target Validation: The process of demonstrating in a clinical trial that engaging the target provides statistically meaningful therapeutic benefit with acceptable safety for a given indication.

Target Qualification: Preclinical or limited clinical studies prior to well powered clinical trials, that establish the scientific validity and safety of a drug target; it is part of the continuum of target validation.

Target Identification: The generation of scientific evidence that a manipulatable target is involved in some significant way in a disease process.

New target validation is the basis of completely new drug exploration and the initial step of drug discovery.  New drug target validation might be of great help not only to new drug research and development but also provide more insight into the pathogenesis of target related diseases. Basically, the target validation process might include six steps:
 1. Discovering a biomolecule of interest.
 2. Evaluating its potential as a target.
 3. Designing a bioassay to measure biological activity.
 4. Constructing a high-throughput screen.
 5. Performing screening to find hits.
 6. Evaluating the hits.

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