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Protein Purification Service at Medicilon

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    Proteins purification is essential for the identification, function, structure and interaction of proteins. Protein purification is a method of separating and purifying the desired protein from the mixture by the biological engineering downstream technology, which is the core technology of the contemporary biological industry.

    Proteins purification is mainly the use of different proteins between the similarity and differences.  According to the similarity between proteins remove non-protein substances, and then separate the proteins by its difference.  Protein purification can be divided into a variety of methods for its nature of itself.

    It has become the main direction for the development of modern biology to understand the life scene from the molecular level based on the structure and function of protein. It is the first step to have the biological activity and highly purified of the target substance to research the protein. The preparation of protein requires knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology, but the basic principle is the two aspects.

    First, the difference in the distribution of several components in the mixture is assigned to two or more phases of the mechanical method, such as salting out, organic solvent extraction, chromatography and crystallization.

    Second, the mixed material placed in a single phase, the role of the physical force field to the components assigned to the same area to achieve the target, such as electrophoresis, ultracentrifugation, and ultrafiltration and so on. In the use of all these methods must pay attention to retain the integrity of biological macromolecules, to avoid acid, alkali, high temperature and strong mechanical effects caused by the loss of biological activity of the proposed material.

    The preparation of proteins is usually divided into the following four stages: selection of materials and pre-resolution, cell fragmentation and organelle differentiation, extraction and purification, concentration and single harmony retention.

    Medicilon has 13 years of experience in recombinant protein expression and purification services, with a variety of protein expression synergies, including prokaryotic expression system, yeast protein expression system, insect cell protein expression system (baculovirus) and mammalian cell protein expression system, with a variety of fusion technology.  Medicilon can provide a variety of options in the protein expression and purification to our clients.  From the program design, gene optimization, optimization of expression conditions to the purification of the technical system, Medicilon can provide customers with the high level of protein expression.

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